About Knot-y-knots 

Filipina Macramé artist with a black Cat

Bringing to life the artistry, craftmanship and creativity skills I have been blessed to inherit from my late Mum and Dad. 

On the side, a certified 'plantita' who enjoys tending to plants with the ultimate goal to 'house' them, enhance their lives and existence and in so doing,  beautifying every rooms, corners,  be it of your house or of your office - with plant hangers with designs carefully and meticulously- thought-of and that are handmade with love.  Also, beautifying your walls with wall hangers and tapestries. 

And for my fellow cat-lovers, comfy macramé hammocks!  



Hello knot-y-knotters!

Plant Hangers
Wall Hangers
Key chains, etc.

Nuts with knotting? Or just do not know what to do with your spare time or easing your boredom? Learn to tie a knot - who knows, it might win someone's heart which will lead to both of you tying the knot! - The possibilities are endless, and the designs you can create are limitless and without any boundaries. That is what I have been doing.  Let me show you my works and designs below...

My Designs

Two-tone Plant Hanger / Monochrome Plant Hanger / Wall Hanger / Key Chains and Two-tier Plant Hangers

Two-tone Plant Hanger